Read This Now and Be Inspired to Write!

Writing is a thing of passion, yet one of work. We established that in a previous post, but we have also determined that we are indeed writers, so therefore we welcome the task head on.

Understanding what we are working with, let’s discuss your plans as far as your topic of choice. Perhaps you have thought about this a second or so, or maybe not. Nonetheless, this part of the process does not have to be painful. In fact, this may be a rather easy task.

Let’s start with a few of the basics.

1. Whenever in doubt, write what you know.

Everyone has a story to tell, so get to telling! Besides, when you write what you know, you are therefore an expert in that field. Well, that is what we believe anyway. However, you are more comfortable when writing what you know, and that makes a world of a difference in your work.

While this tactic is always a staple go to when choosing a topic to write on, it is also one that comes with a staple issue. Unless you are Madonna, your life may not be eventful enough to sustain a full-fledged plot, subplot and any other supporting parts of a solid story. Don’t fret; even Madonna has days that aren’t up to par, I am sure.

For those of us who live a reality that may lack in daily untethered excitement, I welcome you to another tip:

2. Play it up with the “What if?” game.

This tactic can be a writing gold mine as it has the potential to raise the stakes with only one question; What if?

Take an event, or moment, and imagine what if, insert the absolute obvious thing that could happen here, and then imagine the least most expecting thing that could happen. Now, choose the latter.

Trust me; this tactic often produces a hell of a ride, and your reader will love you dearly.

3. Another way to find inspiration is to get it from others.

A person in passing perhaps has the most interesting tidbits of information. Why? Because, more often than not, you will only gather bits and pieces of their conversations and actions. Imagine being in an elevator, then a man in a trench coat steps into the elevator on a call.

You have only one more floor to go, but you see that he has chosen two more above you. Right before you reach your floor, the other rider says into his phone. Don’t worry; she will not be here for long.

Insert chill bumps and gut wrenching fear here.

Of course, he could have been talking about ANYTHING, but the writer in you immediately makes it into ONE thing. And it becomes a BIG thing. Be sure to grab your notebook and scratch a few notes about the relentlessly, handsome and very unsuspecting sociopath that you almost fell victim to in the elevator. His mesmerizing, deep, dark eyes held you paralyzed to his gaze, but the ding of the elevator interrupted your trance. You find later that a man matching his exact description has been named a primary suspect to a couple missing person cases, including a beautiful young thing; quite similar to you in which he lured from the same hotel and on the same night as when you were as well an occupant. A search party is in place, but unfortunately, her fate is yet unknown.

That is until you finish writing the story.

Inspiration can be found hidden in the most unusual places, so be sure to keep your notebook handy and throw off the bowlines of your imagination. You are guaranteed to create something immensely engaging.

Know any more great sources of inspiration?

Drop them in the comments! We all could use the goods.


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